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Welcome to Our Hotel

Return of the 'Smart' Toilet

The Control Panel

Early Morning Beach Scene

Later as the Action Picks-Up

Lady Buddha & Pagoda Across the Water

I Appreciate the Translation, but "Fish Fish", "Snake Mom", "Seasonal Dance" ?!

"Hey Buddy, Can You Help Me With This Knot ?"

Dragon Bridge in the Background

Bridge Close-up

Another Danang Bridge

Lidia Joins the Tai Chi Line-up

Getting Some Guidance

Setting Concrete Footings

Fillin' the Bucket Full

Movin' the Bucketful

Pourin' the Bucketful

Staying at a hotel a couple blocks from the ocean. We're not right in town center, but also means not in the center of traffic & noise. We're only here a couple days before flying to Saigon for a day before then flying to Singapore for a day before flying home.

So the intent in Danang is to relax. We walked over to the beach and into the ocean. Beautifully clean and slightly cool water; an absolute pleasure into which to immerse oneself. Walking along the riverside promenade in the early evening Lidia saw a Tai Chi 'line-up' underway and so joined in. The Instructor assisted her with some of the poses, though afterwards Lidia noted that it was still quite physically strenuous to maintain the postures & movements for as long as the participants did. we enjoyed some good meals, and as Danang is on the ocean there are many seafood restaurants; and there would be the buckets & barrels of 15-20 different fish, mollusk & crustacean species in the restaurant from which to make your selection.

Enjoyable, relaxing couple days in Danang.

An interesting procedure I watched was 'pouring' concrete retaining walls. Instead of using a long chute to deliver the concrete from the truck to the forms a bucket loader/'steamshovel' would be filled & then trundle the load to the forms where it would dump the contents and workers would shovel & hoe it into the forms. Seemed like a very inefficient method, but does create more jobs I guess.

The one night stay in Saigon will help ensure we don't miss our flight to Singapore. Flights in Vietnam have been notoriously 'late'; seems on a regular basis they can be re-scheduled by 6-12 hours, or to the next day ! Hence the 'delayed' Dalat flight actually enabled us to cancel & reschedule to add that buffer day in Saigon.

Ciao for now

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