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At a Temple

A farm in Dalat

A greenhouse


KK, CB, Nikky, and Bernie

Kate and the silk worms

KK, CB, Nikky, and Bernie




CB and Nikky at the Crazy House

Kate's view as CB's passenger

Bernie at the Crazy House

CB looking very happy with the bear shaped cake

Look what CB's glasses can do

Nikky and CB on the lake

The lake

Hi All,

Our first stop on a fairly quick spin through Vietnam (quick for us anyhow) was a town called Dalat. We loved this place. It was a laid back mountain town, and we actually broke out our long underwear for the occasion. We met up with a fine group of fellow travelers and took in the town. We were super excited to discover Dalat wine at th bargain price of 2$ a bottle, and it is every bit as good as three buck chuck:) The region is known for it's fruits and vegetables also, and the fresh food on offer was awesome.

Our second day, we hooked up with an easy rider. These guys are famous all over Vietnam for their motorcycle tours. We went in a group of three, so Kate and I rented a bike and followed behind. It was a great day, and we had an amazing ride through the mountains. We visited a few temples, one awesome waterfall, and saw some of the local industry in action. We visited a rose farm, a coffee farm, and a mushroom farm. There wasn't a lot of info at these places, but it was cool to see them. We also got to see a silk factory where we learned about every stage from the worm to the loom (those worms are really soft and cute). After the tours, we shared a huge feast of local foods then headed home. On the way, we visited the "crazy house", a monument to Escher and Dali (see pics) which is a tourist attraction or you can stay for about 20 dollars a night.

The next day, we decided to stay in Dalat and walked around the lake in the center of town. It looks just like Switzerland. In the evening, the streets were closed to cars for a big market where we discovered the amazing variety of dried fruits. We bought about three pounds as future provisions of dried mulberry and strawberry. We even got to try dried rose (strange but nice). The next day, we set out north again to Nha Trang, a beachy town on the coast. More to come on all of that:)


Carla and kate

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