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Termas Geometrica

Mt. Villarica with monkey puzzle tree in foreground

Jas and Camille at the lakefront in Pucon

Limping into Pucon, Jassalyn was nearly fully recovered from her food poisoning incident. Pucon is a major tourist destination here in Chile and a 'can't miss' city, according to the hordes. It really isn't the city that is so amazing, it is the imposing nature of Mt. Villarica, a very active volcano with its base mere miles from town. The city is straddled between this mountain, class V rivers, hot springs, and a number of massive, frigidly cold, glacially created lakes making it even more of an 'adventurer' type town that really is quite necessary to see.

We stayed at Hostel donde German (I am lost on the translation, the Hostal where Herman, not exactly Hermans Hostal, the spanish down here still has me a bit mystified for some reason) for the duration of the 3 night stay. We have been buying our own groceries and cooking at the hostals here in Chile. Camille and I went to go get groceries soon after arrival as Jas was still recovering a bit. The following morning the girls had yogurt and I had some Greeeeaaaat!! Frosted Flakes. It was suddenly apparent that the yogurt may have been bad as Camille reenacted Jassalyns portrayal of food poisoning from the days before. It may have been a sister bug, skipping non-Bradburys, but not sure on the medical reality of that one.

Anyways, Camille was sick for most of the next two days and pretty much down and out. Jas and Camille switched roles pretty much from Junin as Jas now took care of Camille and her needs. Jas and I are at the end of our trip and not really into doing much touristy stuff anyhow, so we just rode it out, trying to read or use the computer. Camille came around the following day and we rented a car for the next two days. The first night we had the car we went to some hot springs nearby that were about average and toured around the small active city.

The next day Jas and Camille went to Salta Leona (waterfalls) after breakfast. Upon their return, Jas and I ventured on to Ojos Azul and Laguna Azul. These 'blues' (azul) were a system of three falls that carved their way through basalt rock and met at a central pool. This pool had a variety of blues and greens and looked inviting. Above this large pool was yet a smaller pool that was about 10 meters deep and reminded me of a toilet bowl with 10,000 Flushes in it, that bright turquoise blue you know? We picked Camille up after and all went to the spectacular Geometricas Hot Springs around 70 km away. Nestled in a narrow creek valley, these springs were very well thought out. They were commercialized, to say that they were built up, but the architecture blended nicely with the moist environment. A well-constructed deck, two by twelve pine decking painted red, was built up the middle of the little valley and right above the creek. Each gray slate-bottomed bath sat staggered and around 20 persons could bathe, if need be. Sufficiently spaced, the thermal baths often featured cold waterfalls plummeting into them and a larger waterfall fell 15 meters into a nice pool at the terminus of the decking. It was a little spendy, but well worth the price for the energy the baths restored.

From Pucon we took a 6 hour bus to Curico where Jas and I planned to hike in Siete Tazas (seven cups) Parque while Camille checked out the town. The bus system cut back five days into fall, so we missed out on them. Whatever, we said. We are both pretty burned out on site seeing and hiking so we really could care less. All three of us made it to Santiago around noon the next day and Camille caught her flight that night back to the states. It was great having Camille visit for those two short weeks. I wish we had a bit more energy with her instead of being at our ropes end. I truly feel as I have a new little sister and we often acted like young siblings. The last night in Curico we had a fun banana fight that ended with banana on the wall of the hostal, all over my pillow, and in Camille´s hair.

We caught a flight from Santiago to Arica, to bypass another long bus ride, where we enjoyed laying on the beach and working on our tans before we head back up north. On to Arequipa to burn a few days before heading to Lima. Arequipa was fun the first go around and a good place to shop.

This will be the last entry for me. I hope all of you have enjoyed reading about our times down here in S. America from my perspective, I certaianly have had fun writing. Take care and I hope to see you in the states.


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