McLeod Family Trip 2010 travel blog

Friday 21 May

Into Grenoble city, Over our bridge and walked into the main sqaure Place de Hugo;Had lunch and met ith Anise and Simon,They have a new apartment very close so we are shown and have cafe. Mitchell liked the fruit juice and toasted everyone in Frenchagain and again which is a worry: We listened to Simons band music. They have just made another CD; It was nice music like U2 Campbell reckoned; Anaise then guided us up the Vercor Mountains to the Museum of Automatic Puppets; the boys loved it. very clever. Xmas themes, French village; From here we drove to Autrans Village and ski station. This was a Favourite of ours. Green and summery..very different to the winter where everything is covered in snow. We met an lady wearing a "Taranaki Hard Core"sweatshirt. Del thought it was fantastic; We showed the boys the Ski jumps and then down a different way to find the 1968 Olympic Ski jump which we found near a French resistence Cemetry. Its a famous ski jump because they built it facing out to Grenoble so when you jumped it felt like you were flying to Grenoble way below.Back home Dad went with Christian to Golden Oldies Rugby training and played a real match; Sore body ,strained hamstring! A few beers after and helped them organise a trip to NZ world cup. Last day in Genoble tomorrow.

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