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This is what we thought Whale Watching was going to be

Up close and personal

A little Hello from Mr Whale

Coming up for a breather

Tail Flip

Look at the size of that(what all the girls say to me)!

Wave to the Whales Tracey

Here's to the Whales and a fab day

If there's anything you should do whilst in Australia it's Whale Watching. Yeah I know what you're thinking, been there done that seen whales.

Well let me tell you that until you have seen whales waving at you rolling on their sides to look at you through their beady eyes and swim under your boat, you haven't been whale watching.

This is the best natural experience I think that we have been priviledged to be apart of. It was just amazing, to start with our captain was just passing the whales and saying yeah there are plenty more further up, all we could see were other whale watching boats seeing the whales up close and personal and we were just cruising along the sea, getting a little pessimistic, yeah right we're going to see some soon, NOT!

Anyway we slow up and Captain says, 1 o'clock pod of 4 whales, right so unless you have high powered binoculars or have super vision you can't see anything.

Captain "I've been doing this for years trust me" Hmm OK.

Well after about 10 minutes these 4 whales appear about 10 metres off the back of the boat and all I can hear is "Wave at them, otherwise they'll just pass us by"

How stupid, here we are on a boat full of grownup's waving at whales, how funny!

I think that I will let you see the pictures to realise how amazing these creatures are, unfortunately they just don't do them justice. The size and grace of whales is incredible and shouldn't be underestimated and certainly if you get the opportunity to see them DO IT!

Enjoy as we did.

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