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July 31 – August 1.

Everyone should do Vegas at least once in their life, and then go back to see if it was real or not. We drove into Vegas for 2 nights at Caesars Palace and we were reminded at how big and glitzy everything is. CP is huge with its Roman statues, gaming rooms, accommodation towers, pool complex and concert hall.

The most amazing to me was the Forum shopping centre which is indoors though created to give an outdoor sunset feel of an Italian streetscape. The lighting and paint work set the mood and it is easy to get the feel while sitting next to fountains or dining al fresco at one of the cafés. They even have an indoor aquarium full of stingrays, exotic and tropical fish.

While here we went to see the Cirque du Soleil shows O and LOVE. These were fantastic nights out seeing 2 fabulous shows. The acrobatic skill of the performers was outstanding and set to great music, particularly LOVE which is set to The Beatles music. O is set on a stage that for most of the performance is a swimming pool which adds the dimension of high diving into the pool. Both shows are highly recommended.

The thing that hit us the most was the heat. Vegas is hot both day and night. The pool complex is huge and even has pools with gaming tables so a person does not have to miss out on their fun. There was even a secluded pool set aside for people wanting to bathe European style, that’s topless to you & me…

Thank you to Mark Komen, Amy's brother-in-law, for gifting us these days of glitz and glamour. It is very much appreciated.

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