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Kho Samui - AKA Costa del Sol. At the aiport getting outa...

During the diving course, our instructor, Rene, tried to sell us a 7 day live aboard diving trip to the Similan Islands - "It's perfect for honeymooners," he said and he showed us a film to convince us we couldn't miss it. It looked more than fabulous. But unfortunatley, the trip wasn't leaving for another 4 days and we didn't have the 7 days on top of that to waste.

But, we decided together that we indeed couldn't miss that experience and that we would get to the Similans on our own. So we set off to travel south and figure out how we would do this along the way.

First stop Koh Samui. Took a high-speed boat in the morning and arrived there by noon. Quickly found a place to stay - in a bungalow on the beach (well, almost) and dropped our bags to go exploring. From the outset we could tell this was a tourist trap. That night we confirmed it. We decided to go out for a couple drinks and stumbled by accident upon a free cabaret show. L was ready to leave me for any of these gorgeous women who were scantily clad in bright feathered costumes straight out of a Vegas show. I told him he was welcome to as they were all men. He didn't believe me so we made a bet -- and guess who won??? Yep, all lady boys. We asked the waitress what they did with their dingalings and (s)he made a gesture of cutting with scissors then throwing it to the chickens - you had to be there, it was hysterical. The show was outstanding nevertheless and we were awestruck. But of course had to go out for drinks afterwards so L could get over his shock.

We headed to the street with the loudest music. Picture a bigger, louder Bourbon Street full of trashed backpackers and young Thai kids. Loads of clubs all trying to outdo each other with music and drinks. Though we aged the crowd by a good 10 years, we chjose the most quiet one on the block and played a bit of pool. After that we escaped upstairs to a quiet spot overlooking the street and literally people watched for the next hour. Could have stayed there all night. But it was after 2 am, I was tired and L wanted to watch football. So we grabbed some chicken on a stick from the street (mmmmm!) and he walked me home across the street and went back into the trenches again. He got back at some crazier hour...

We had planned to chill on the beach the next day, but we did have a mission to get to Phuket so we could get to these islands asap. Only all flights were booked for 2 days later. So we had to get up early the next morning, book the tickets and leave that afternoon. No problem - we weren't too impressed with Koh Samui anyway...

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