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Cruz Bay

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ferry view

ferry view

ferry view

ferry view


ferry view

so many islands

Eating out is expensive in paradise. That's one of the reasons why we're staying in condos here. As we drove toward the ferry terminal in Red Hook we stopped in a few grocery stores and loaded up on supplies to ease the burden on the budget. They had a pretty good selection of familiar products at about 40% more than they would cost at home.

We arrived at the terminal just about the time a ship was loaded and ready to leave. The next one did not come as scheduled, typical for the manaƱa approach of the Caribbean. We tried to amuse ourselves by wandering around taking photos while we waited, but the ferry Nazi yelled at us because photos were forbidden. We weren't sure why, but she also yelled at another tourist who was using binoculars to scan the far shore. She accused her of looking for a spot to plant a bomb. When the ferry did finally arrive, we were standing within arm's length of the car and she yelled at us again, "Are you planning on getting on?" Must be a high stress job...

The parents of the bride met us on the other side and over lunch we got up so speed with the latest wedding developments. They had been busy scouting places in St. Thomas where Karyn could buy the last minute items that would add special touches to her wedding. It was impossible to bring everything she wanted from home on a plane. She was taken aback at the high costs and limited selection. That's island living....

Our well equipped condo overlooks the pool and we can see the ocean through a thicket of palm trees. Vegetation grows so enthusiastically here, you get the feeling if mankind left the island for a month all the buildings would be covered in green. In the evening a chorus of frogs is so loud we can hardly hear ourselves think. They stop as the sun rises and the sound of roosters crowing takes over. Chickens have free rein on the island and Ken has to be alert as he drives not to do any in.

We moseyed around downtown Cruz Bay, the biggest town on the island and there was much more to it than we remembered. If you're looking for a nice spot to eat or a Happy Hour, this is the town for you. There were a few higher end stores with artisan made products that we haven't seen elsewhere that were worth spending some time. A new clock will be wending its way to our house shortly after we return home. There goes the budget.

We found the lovely restaurant where the reception will take place and tomorrow will scout the beach at Trunk Bay, the wedding site. An official photographer has been hired, but you can never have too many photos of this special day in your life so we will do our best to document it all. We haven't seen the bright blue skies we have taken for granted in the Caribbean and have our fingers crossed for Saturday evening.

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