Bonkoski's Alaskan Trip Journal 2008 travel blog

A mama grizzly, watching over her two young cubs; alongside the Alcan....

One young cub clawing at the dirt for roots!

The mama coming down the hillside, towards the motorhome!

Hey there bear!

Two young one upfront, and the mother grizzly in the far background

A curious little one!

Normal type construction hold-ups on the Alcan

Danger Zone!

A small ice cream, gas station and cabins located at the "Continental...

IZE=3>August 9th…Saturday. It rained through the night…imagine that! We had another 120 or so miles of road hell in front of us. We were hoping it would be better. Slightly…once again, not as much traffic or dust on this poorly kept and winding portion of the Alcan.

Just after passing through Destruction Bay, along the largest lake in the Yukon, Kluane…the Alfa stopped fairly abruptly. There, right along side the shoulder of the Alcan, three Grizzly’s. A mother, with her two youngsters. Our cameras started clicking…Kiki started barking. This was the closest I had been to a grizzly; of course, while still inside our motor home. They didn’t seem to mind, the threesome just kept digging for roots along the hillside. The mother appeared quite large…however, not as large as the coastal grizzly’s of Alaska. The bears that live along the shorelines of the ocean and the river areas, feed mostly upon salmon which assists their growth immensely. We stayed for a bit, and enjoyed watching the bears and their eating habit, then let them be.

Further south on the Alcan, the road improved. A new portion of the Alcan, one we had not yet traveled, was now under our wheels. After passing through the small town of Haines Junction, we were headed for Whitehorse; the capital of the Yukon Territory. During our northwestward trek to Alaska, we had missed this section of the Alcan by turning south at Jake’s Corner for a short cut to Skagway, Alaska. That was back on June 16th!

Tonight’s campground would be much improved from the over-grown weeded, junk infested site in Beaver Creek. We stopped for the night on the Teslin River, while still in the Yukon. Teslin was tiny, situated on the river, quiet, and with a high concentration of native Indians. A clean site with a river view. We enjoyed…as we watched the northwestward sky turn with a river view. We enjoyed…as we watched the northwestward sky turn vivid colors of orange and red, we knew the sun was going down somewhere out there….in Alaska.

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