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A little Bleary eyed before the dive

Thought you said there weren't any Sharks!

A Ray just chillin'

Some Coral we found, surprisingly

All looks a bit fishy down here.. ha ha..

Who invited Mother!(Sorry Mum)

Made me smile anyway


She's a natural


It really is a must do when you're in Australia and best of all, there aren't any big Sharks here! Whilst we've been in Oz we hear about a shark attack every week, thankfully all down south and not where we are, so it was relatively easy to persuade Tracey to get into the water, well after the 3rd degree for the dive instructor anyway.

It was a bumpy 2 hour boat ride to the furthest northerly point on the reef you could do in a day trip, oh and with about another 70 people. Bit like butlins at sea I suppose, the worst thing of all was that the majority were snorkellers.

I can only compare this to being a Skier and having those nasty boarders all around you.

Anyway we were fortunate enough to get 3 dives in different locations to see this amazing living organism in the sea. Probably not as incredible as we imagined, due to the loss of colours in the water when you go deeper you expect to see more than you actually do, so with the wonders of modern technology we hired a digital camera with a red filter which brings out the colour better. Hint for you, get a red tinted mask if you dive, not sure if you can though.

Here are the best of 200 pictures we took, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to take pictures underwater whilst trying to keep your balance, imagine standing on a sea wall when it's blowing a gale and trying to take pics with a disposable camera.

Dive & Stay Alive!

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