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Day one amongst The Convicts

Opening Ceremony

The Gabba

Devon Flag

Torquay Flag

In the Gabba with Aussie Gino

Team photo

Barmy Army

what do you mean Day 3 was boring?!

And so it's over.

A spirited fight on Day 4 and at least we got to a fifth day with a little bit of hope until the 3rd ball of the day.


* Harmison on the first day.

* Our batsmen throwing their wickets away.

* The Barmy Army not being allowed to congregate and make a noise.

* The trumpeter being ejected and his trumpet taken away.

* The Aussies - who only have one song, no sense of irony and can't take their weak beer.


* Being there!

* The sunshine - just the 30 degrees.

* Fighting back on Day 4 - Collingwood & Pieterson in particular.

* The Barmy Army getting together on the 5th morning and showing we can have a good time even if we're losing.

And the best song?

To the tune of "He's got the whole world in his hands" sing "Get your shit stars off our flag ..."

Roll on Adelaide ...


You're right. But the desk sergeants over here can afford that air of smugness. I think it's to do with the fact they can be trusted to carry guns. By the way I was interviewed on TV outside the ground on Day two by some woman from Aussie Channel 10. Apparently it was shown that evening - Kev's wife saw it. So we now both have small screen experience. I for supporting England in their battle to retain the Ashes and you for .. er .. riding a girl's pink bike in your uniform. Class :-)

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