Alaska Team 2006 travel blog

Our flight lasted about three hours, and we had enough time to enjoy one movie (or a good book or a nap). We landed in Bangkok around noon into their new airport. What an sight! Terry and Jocelyn kept informing us of what a great improvement it is from the old airport! It is full of towering glass windows as well as LOTS of people. We made our way through the long, sunny hallways, and then waited in a long immigration's processing line. Finally, our passports were stamped, we stepped through the gates into Thailand (well at least into the domestic portion of the airport). Now life will never be the same, because you know what they say, "Once your passport has been stamped, life will never be the same!"

We were promptly plopped into confusion concerning our baggage. We had checked it all the way through to Chiang Mai, but were suddenly informed that we would have to retreive it, and re-check it in Bangkok BEFORE our flight to Chiang Mai. So we headed directly for the baggage claim area, and then waited for our baggage, which did not appear. We located an official who informed us that our bags were indeed checked all the way to Chiang Mai.

Then we made a mad dash to our gate, as our flight was soon to depart. We made it on time, but just barely, as most of the plane had already boarded (whew)! Then we quickly counted heads to make sure we didn't leave anyone in Bangkok.

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