Panama to Alaska 2008 travel blog

The Five Fingers Rapids

Bombay Peggy's

Robert Service's Cabin

The Yukon and Dawson City

This day was different from all the others because we had two delightful passengers: David and Jenny Brayshaw. Their car had taken a knock and they were unable to take a rental car further than Whitehorse. We dumped some of our luggage on Stuart Onyett and shoe-horned them into the back. It was fun to me more than two for a change but their wildlife spotting capabilities were not of the best! No animals today.

The day started wet. The car had leaked overnight and a certain amount of mopping was necessary before we could get under way. Nevertheless, we set off along the Alaska Highway and then the Klondike Highway, The Brayshaws had to tolerate the usual Morrison stops to look at lakes nd waterfalls but it was a quiet day. We saw some awesome rivers and marvelled at the five fingers part of the Yukon river where it was forced between rocks. Many people had used that river as a highway and still raft or kayak along it. Rather them than me! Our coffee stop was at the Gold Panners Cafe. Friendly and the name was a taste of things to come.

We arrived safely at Dawson City where the Klondike River flows into the Yukon. After dropping David and Jenny at their hotel we went to wash the car and then drove up to a viewpoint above the town. We could see both rivers and the town and the 'spoil' left by the dredgers used by the big gold prospecting company.The sun had come out so the views were splendid. A black bear sighting on the way up was a bonus.

In the evenng we went to the Vaudeville show which was of a very good standard. We are staying at 'Bombay Peggy's', a former brothel! It is decorated in Edwardian style and is lovely.

Today has been a rest day. We have been on a guided tour of the town (history and buildings), heard a talk on the poet, Robert Service (culture) and visited and toured a dredger (mining). As I write Robin is trying to cure a problem with the driver's side window. A part has broken and he is trying to replace it. I hope for the best.

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