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Park Connection bus

View from the bus

Fireweed in bloom

Arrow shows base of Mt. McKinley

Alaska Mountain range in distance

Lovely spot for moose but none spotted

Plenty of snow here

Low clouds

Try climbing these!

Our new home

Neat cabins

Off on an adventure

Quite the roads


Oh yeah!

Beautiful country

Taking a break

Quite a view

Cliff called Sandcastle

Sandcastle up close

One of our guides - looks the part, doesn't he?

A lesson in finding gold

Feeling proud

Denali, AK We transported ourselves across Alaska via the Park Connection bus, which is a 5-hour haul. From Anchorage to Denali is 239 miles through lovely country. Unfortunately one cannot take photos of that countryside from a moving bus. Skies were overcast and we ran through a couple of small showers but the horizon seemed brighter. We continued to have great hopes of seeing Mt. McKinley (a very rare sighting for most people, normally less than 30%). For a mountain as enormous as Denali—over 20,000 feet—it still manages to be elusive for most visitors due to clouds and ever-changing weather conditions. Chances of seeing a grizzly bear in Denali National Park are much higher than one’s chance of seeing the entire mountain. Much to our disappointment, we saw only the lower part. We shall keep looking. After getting settled into our cabin, we headed out to Denali ATV Adventures. We spent 2½ hours with the crew there as we went exploring Alaska on 4 x 4’s. There were 8 of us as single riders and 6 others who used side-by-side vehicles. The route we used was roughly old coal roads but could not be called roads anymore by any definition. It is amazing how well those vehicles can clamber up the sides of steep hills, bounce over large rocks, and plow through huge mud holes. We put up quite a spray of mud and ended up with soaked shoes and socks and covered with mud spray and then dust. It was great! There is no power steering so one really wrestles the controls. We both have sore arm muscles now. Tomorrow we are going into the heart of Denali Park so will have no internet until Tuesday. We will do a catch-up then.

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