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RV / MH Hall of Fame and Museam

One of many oldtimer RVs ... beginning in the early 1900's as...

A very early Airstream

An original "woodie" RV

All the comforts of home ...

Mae West's promotional RV ... actually used by Mae West

... another view of Mae West's RV

... inside Mae West's luxury RV

Pretty modernistic for its day ...

... we're getting better with age ...

An early teardrop camping trailer

Fun for the whole family

Yes ... there is a National RV / MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart IN. Why, you ask??? ... because about 50% of all RVs in the world are manufactured in the Elkhart IN area. Sooo ... what better place for a museum. It was really quite fascinating ... saw a few old RVs from my earlier days ... and a great history lesson on this uniquely American passtime.

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