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Our Cabbie

After a very early start and very short flight to Phnom Penh Cambodia, we arrived to a nice airport, an easy Visa on Arrival system, an orderly taxi system and friendly people. I should have known this was a trick! As we headed through the city towards our hostel, the traffic was appalling, with no apparent system or rules. No problem, this is Asia and we are well versed in chaos from our trips to Thailand.

Our driver is a simply lovely guy and we make a mental note to book him for a day trip during our stay.

We arrive at our hostel and whilst basic, it is clean and comfortable but light on the amenities that were advertised such as a working flat screen TV and toilet paper!

We unpack briefly before setting off to explore the area. I have to be honest and say that I felt like I had been slapped in the face with a dead fish. The tuk tuk drivers, of which there seems to be hundreds and they are ALL camped at the front door of the hostel, are relentless, constantly calling out at us, the rubbish and litter that is strewn everywhere, the evident poverty and child beggars, and the dust, humidity and general feel of the place, all combine to make me want to plan my exit on the next flight out!

We stop for drinks, food and water and are astounded at how cheap it is, before taking a wander around. Head back to our humble digs for a sleep (maybe the place will transform by the time I wake up), and then out again to check out various streets and areas. My inability to see the positives in anything at the moment take its toll, and Mr Wombat and I manage to have an argument over not much! Dinner is delicious Khmer food ( been away 2 weeks and have eaten virtually all local food), incredibly cheap, with cheap beer which makes Mr Wombat delirious with happiness, a bit more wandering and home to check emails and then to bed. I feel sure that tomorrow will be a better day!

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