Kim and Gene's 2018 Jaunt to Nebraska travel blog

Piggy Planter

Horse nursery lamp

New Window Screen

Candle Blowmolds

Caro-Nan Purse

Sunflower Pyrex dish


Popsicle makers




Antique Barn St Paul

Metal work

FIND OF THE DAY - Harmonica


Screaming Eagles

Chip and Dip

Gettysburg Game

Butcher shop

St Paul Fire Dept

Love this brickwork

BIG WINNER - Lucky 15

Sweet Shoppe where Gene won a purse

Cookie Jars

More Cookies Jars

My favorite cookie jar

Sweet Shoppe VW Beetle


Blowmold Santa

State Song Glasses

Train Bridge Middle Loup River

Tomato jam

Gun playing cards

St Paul

Nobody here but us chickens!

St Libory post office

At least it is a good cat house

Scored a box of shiny brites


Deep Dish Pizza - DANISH BAKER




Dinner menu

Pie list

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Open-faced beef sandwich

Meat loaf


SUMMARY – We hit Grand Island, Dannebrog, St. Paul, St. Libory and everything in between. We drove over 200 miles and spent $300. We bought the fewest number of items (around 50), but we got some of the coolest things. It was in the 40s and rainy all day, but our spirits were not dampened by the gloomy weather until our “allowance” ran out and the van was so full we had to pack items in one of our suitcases. The van is packed from the floor to ceiling – the only room left is on our laps! The best, most unusual purchases we made today were a Koch Harmonica made in Germany; Barbie Flight Time Play Set (complete) 1989; Gettysburg Game; Caro-Nan purse featuring Omaha; the complete collection of McDonald’s Happy Meal Barbie’s (8) from 1999 still in original plastic wrappers. Then, after a couple of years of looking, I found a custom room divider that we will retrofit and hang as our window covering in our master bedroom – it was SO cool and we got it for $35!!! I have been looking for some long tall popsicle makers to make bloody mary popsicles (you use celery as the sticks) and I finally found them in St. Paul – YIPPEE! In St. Paul they have a LUCKY 15 contest, where they have 3 dice for each visitor to roll and if you roll a total of 15 on the dice, you win a “big” prize. I rolled a “14” – so close. But, that lucky Gene rolled a 4,5,6 for 15!!! He received a certificate to pick up his prize at THE SWEET SHOPPE – The Cookie Jar Place. He was very excited. So, we got out our map of the town and found the shop. Gene gave the owner/curator of hundreds of cookie jars the certificate. He won a clear purse to carry into sports arenas!!! He thought he was going to get free fudge. He was so sad that I had to buy him fudge! Needless to say, we are glad we got to see THE SWEET SHOPPE. The special ed children at the local school come with their teacher once every other week to dust all those cookie jars – they love taking care of them. I looked all over for tomato jam and finally found it today. I use it to make meatloaf – YUMMY! In St. Libory, there were chickens shopping with us! We spent 12 hours today shopping – many vendors closed earlier today due to the cold, wet weather and lack of traffic.


We started out with an omelette, waffle and biscuits and gravy. Within an hour, we had picked up homemade cinnamon rolls. For lunch, we visited one of our favorite places to eat on the Junk Jaunt. The Danish Baker in Dannebrog makes the most INCREDIBLE deep dish supreme pizza AND kolaches. We had both. There must have been ½ pound of mozzarella on each slice. We got 2 pieces of this pizza, two kolaches and drinks for $11. For dinner, we visited Tommy’s homestyle restaurant in Grand Island. I had an open face beef sandwich and mashed potatoes and Gene had the meatloaf. We topped off the meal with sour cream raisin pie – a local favorite.

Tomorrow on next day . . . ran out of space!

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