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It is interesting how that after a seemingly long 4 hour flight, a 13 hour layover and a 14 hour flight another 4 hour flight is a 'short' span of time in which to spend hurtling through space from point 'A' to point 'B' - Einstein was right, time is relative. From Dani's door to Singapore hotel 43 hours had passed - that's not time zone change, or twilight-zone 'time', just plain old 24 hour per day time.

Anyway, we are now in the the clean, modern, affluent, cosmopolitan city of Singapore to which we last visited almost exactly 3 years ago; journey postings on 2015-16 Trip Journal.

Will be here 5 days till our 'Birding Buddies' from Australia arrive.

Right now really just looking forward to some 'horizontal' time; no matter how comfortable the sitting position is, it just ain't the same as lying down flat.

Ciao for now

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