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Thaton Garden Riverside – My home in Thaton.

View from backside of my room.

Mae Kok River.

The lower parts of Wat Phra Thaton.

A rather Chinese inspired temple guard.

View over Thaton from the temple mountain.

View over Kok River seen from my room.

3 April.

As so many other mornings, this morning started with an early breakfast and an early checkout from the Top North GH. First I have to take a tuk-tuk taxi to one of Chiang Mai’s two bus stations. This bus station I went for is called White Elephant Bus Station ( I think ), the other one is the Arcade. Just beside the White Elephant Bus Station is the minibus station situated. By minibus I started a 180 kilometres trip to the Northern part of Chiang Mai Province. The minibus took me to a town named Fang. There I have to change to a song-thaew for a continuing the travel to Thaton. Thaton is a small town situated almost on the border to Burma and the Chiang Rai Province. Thaton is mostly known for; from here you could hire bamboo rafts and rafting to Chiang Rai. I arrived to Thaton about 1 o’clock and after a short walk form the song-thaew station, I found my guesthouse, the Thaton Garden Riverside GH. When I check-in there, I had a feeling that, for the moment I was their one and only guest. Later some more people arrived, so in the end I was not the only one. The afternoon I spend to explore Thaton, it became a walk along the Mae Kok River and finally to a hilltop temple, Wat Phra Thaton. In the evening I could see on TV, my favourite football team, Manchester United loosing to Chelsea.

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