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Yes, Yes it has been a very long time since we updated the site. Sorry for that.

So after Rome for a few more days and the awesome scenery seen at every street corner (Even the crazy schitzophrenic having a distonic reaction- Cool)that greets you and makes you say "wow".

We spent the last night in roma at the hostel as we had a three am flight and the owner said he would refund us the money for the night.

So with free beer on the menu I proceeded to get totally waxed (As I am sporadically prone to do)and had a great trip to the airport at three am. After paying 35 Euros for excess baggage it was onto the Ryan air flight to Stanstead and our arrival in old blighty.

English weather is shit. Believe the stories, it's true.

We arrived to a drizzly day more in common with winter in the southern nsw alps than the humid rome we had just departed and were met by Lynny who let us stay at her house.

Lynny and John are truly two of the nicest people we have met. We met Lynny in Thailand on Koh Chang and she said we could come and stay. And stay we have for most of the last month in a great place with great people. Lynny has all the info on cheap clothing shops and I some how have managed to buy more clothes than Kirst.

Go figure.

We spent four days just sitting around watching Sky Plus which is like Gucci foxtel at home.

John found us a 1994 proton GE four door at the bargain price of £100 so we have a car which we have called cheryl as she is an old clapper who is still going strong just like her name sake would be at 3am with a skinfull of Bacardi Bruisers at three am in the Rooty Hill/ Kwinana RSL.

So we went up an visited Sonia and Danny and gave Cheryl her first long distance trip up to Liverpool. She performed well and Sonny is still the same old Sonny. Always cheerful and smiling and ready to just about jump in front of a bus for you.

Danny is a great bloke who loves his soapies but he's huge so you don't take the piss too much :-)

We had a great weekend when we went to Vicki's birthday weekend in Leeds with Helen and Paul (For those that don't know, we met Sonia, Paula, Helen and vicki when they came to Australia four years ago. We combined it with Kirsty's birthday and our big girl is now 22 and I have 22 more wrinkles. It's all realtive

English hospitality, especially up north is truly awesome. Basically you walk in and get fed and fussed over as if you were the royal family.

So back down to Essex and a great night in with Peta and Adrian who are from Perth.

A great night culminating in sitting on the roof of a shop at two am with Adrian setting off fireworks. Great stuff.

The next day I took Kirsty back to Lynnies and spent six hours driving down to Plymouth where I am now based doing my one month offshore medics course. A complete waste of time and money I think and they won't let me just sit the examination instead of going through the whole painful process.

Basically, i am on course with guys who are divers not medics. they are learning essentially what I have been teaching sine 1998 in the pus. Boring stuff. The plus side is the up town phase. Last night i went and worked in the after hours GP clininc seeing patients. It was really cool as I got to see some really wierd laterally retracting breathing in a four year old girl with Asthma and had a few five month old babies to examine which is challenging but fun. Next week Accident and Emergency for two weeks straight of twelve hour shifts. Yippeee!!

No I am not getting clucky so put a stop to any thoughts Suze!!!!

So that is it really. Keep on emailing as we do miss you all and appreciate your contact.

Once we get into a position with more viable email communication we will start to up the ante again.

Miss you all and hope life is treating you well.



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