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Fraser Island Rainforest

The Highway

Moreno, shipwrecked on the beach

Already got the eyes shut before we get in

Amazing coastline from a few thousand feet

Butterfly Lakes

Hope you enjoy the flight!

The Sea

View from Indian Head

Looking for the sharks


Tracey hiking through the sand dunes

Lake Mackenzie, looks warmer than it is, beleive us

Ooo it's lovely, honest!

What a fabulous place to enjoy a couple of days touring on the tour bus.

Unfortunately 'Tortoise' had to stay at the campsite on the mainland this time, due to him not having 4 wheel drive, although we did try, well almost, I reckon he would've made it, but they said no, a tearful goodbye saw us board our 4WD bus and on the ferry we went.

For those of you who don't know Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, therefore all roads being sand and hence requiring a 4WD vehicle to get around and even with these people still get stuck.

On this occasion we decided to take an organised tour to see the most of the island and stay in a bed for a couple of nights on one of the islands resorts.

The tour was great, we had a real good mix of people on the bus, thankfully a few Europeans to make it a bit more interesting and of course a couple of geezers from Landon!(translates to London), needless to say we hooked up with them before the day was out and with all the people we tend to hook up with, yep you guessed it, time to hit the bar and then the proverbial floor, but, not before Tracey managed to track down a Dingo who decided to come and frolic on the lawn, the wonders of alcohol and fearlessness eh.

A couple of highlights of the 2 day trip to Fraser was a light aircraft trip, taking off and landing on the beach, another tick in Tracey's fear of flying box, it was fab and gave a different view of the island from above and to just be able to realise the size of this 'sand dune' was amazing.

One of the stops on the trip allowed us to go shark spotting from a place called Indian Head, which is the highest point on the island and just to see these creatures from about 100feet above them was scary enough and makes you realise, NO SWIMMING for us! This is probably why you don't see anyone in the sea at all.

One of the other attractions was the freshwater lakes on the island to which we managed to visit 2 of and one of these was the biggest, truly beautiful to be able to walk in and see the bottom and then the bottom just disappears to a shelf and the dark blue of water.

Right enough of me going on now, enjoy yet more wonderful pictures.

Anyone ready to pack up and go traveling then?

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