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Shirley with Moeraki Boulder

Cracked boulder

Inside of boulder

View from Train--note Viaduct in distance

Shirley and Larry with Taieri Gorge Train

It was a cold rainy morning, so we got a slow start. Since the kitchen was next door, we cooked breakfast and washed dishes there. Neither of us slept well last night. Guess we’re both barimetrically sensitive.

On the road, most of the rain had quit, but it was very windy—and a crosswind at that. Took a lot of concentration on Larry’s part. At one point we saw a rainbow ahead of us, very low to the ground. It wasn’t raining where we were at the time.

We did stop at Moeraki Boulders. These are 6-ft diameter spherical boulders on the beach at Moeraki. Mercifully, there is a bluff that blocks some of the wind. The boulders have come out of the bluff as it erodes away.

Not sure how they formed, but some had broken up and you can see there are smaller rocks cemented together inside. Very unusual.

On south to Dunedin, where we caught the 2:30pm Taieri Gorge train. This was a nice ride up a gorge and back, with a couple of stops along the way. There are no roads most of the way, so we couldn’t see it by car, and this way Larry got to watch and not drive and not fight the crosswinds. We took sandwiches, clementines, and cookies along for lunch on the way.

Doing anything outside is very unpleasant in these conditions—highs in the 50s, with winds about 30mph.

Back in Dunedin, we found a campground with a powered site, and promptly pulled out the heater and turned it on. It took the chill off the van quickly, and we had a cold supper of crackers and cheese. My back was hurting, so I went to bed early, about 9:30; the wind was rocking the van back and forth. The rocking was not particularly soothing.

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