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The Boudoir

Tracey testing the bed

Whirlpool Spa, big enough for 2 with Vino!

Our patio

The Pool Area

This is hard work, trying to stay on this mat.

The token arty shot

Unfortunately my back just couldn't take the van anymore, so we decided to have a look around for a suitable restbite for us to have a bed for a couple of nights and recouperate a little.

Well a little birdie had told us about a hotel on the Gold Coast called 'Versace', well that sounds quite nice dear, shall we go and give that a go for a couple of nights, OK darling lets.

So you can just picture this, us in the Tortoise rocking up to the valet parking at Versace's Hotel, with all the Merc's and BM's floating around, it was so funny.

Valet "Afternoon Sir can I help you?"

Craig "Afternoon, yes we have a reservation here, can you please park Tortoise and look after him"

Valet "Umm Sure Sir"

So out we pop and into the hotel, Tortoise off to a nice air conditioned garage for a couple of nights and us into a very nice Pool view room including full breakfast and access to the Spa, lovely!

Although the hotel was beautiful, there is just no accounting for the trailer that they let in there and of course the famous Aussie service, or should we say lack of it, even in a 5* hotel, but all makes for a good laugh at their expense.

It was a nice gimmick to stay at the hotel and a well deserved break for us, but wouldn't go again, once is enough, just to say been there done that.

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