2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

"Size does matter" on a big Peterbilt near Phoenix

Los Taquitos

Carne asada burrito & beans and rice

The ground is steaming?

Big Pete is back near Tucson

Remnants of a Muffler Man - one leg and a foot

A velociraptor looking for something to eat

Mexican mountains in the distance

Winnie at Arnie & Barb's

Our destination today was Sierra Vista, AZ south of Tucson. I visited Arnie and Barb who we met in Washington at the Restoring Honor event in 2010. On the way I was passed by a big Peterbilt truck with the words "Size does matter" on the back of the cab. He must have been either speeding or traveling in the HOV lane because about a mile down the road he had been pulled over by a Sheriff's deputy. When we were just north ot Tucson, Big Pete passed us again. Wasn't there a Steven King book or movie about a haunted tractor trailer?

Sierra Vista is the home of Fort Huachuca. Beginning in 1913, for 20 years the fort was the base for the "Buffalo Soldiers", the 10th Cavalry Regiment. Fort Huachuca is the headquarters of Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS). Other that occupy the site include the Joint Interoperability Test Command, Information Systems Engineering Command and the Electronic Proving Ground. The fort is also home to a radar-equipped aerostat (small blimp), one of a series maintained for the Drug Enforcement Administration by Lockheed Martin. The aerostat supports the DEA drug interdiction mission by detecting low-flying aircraft attempting to penetrate the United States and is capable of seeing some gound traffic along the border. It one of a series along the southern border that provide overlapping monitoring of the border from San Diego to Brownsville, TX.

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