LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Worked out well that the Dutchies were heading in the same direction as us after the trip. WE shared a mini van to Phuket town to stay for the night. Absolutely nothing to talk about here except the place we went for dinner.

Just around the corner from the guesthouse, this place was more of a wierd giftshop than a restaurant. The woman had one small glass case and 3 pots of mystery soups to choose from. We were all a bit dubious but we were hungry as well, so we went for it. And it wasn't bad! And, 5 of us ate for 155 bhat = < $4 total!! Gotta love that.

We got suckered into going to an Irish pub afterwards (free drink promotion) but it was clean and had AC so we were happy to stay there the next couple hours and retire early.

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