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We had decided to head to Baan Tawai, which is a handicraft village, set about 40 minutes by car, out of the City. We have been there before and really enjoyed wandering around looking at tons of homewares, timber work, leather work and anything else you could possibly imagine. The last time we visited we bought some wooden homewares, but this visit was to search for some timber /teak indoor outdoor lights for our outdoor area and garden.

We headed off for breakfast and we were walking along a fairly good road, when without warning, I felt myself trip over my own feet, stumble forward and fall onto the bitumen, face first. I don't remember what happened next, but the next thing I do recall, is Mr Wombat dragging me off the road away from the traffic.

We surveyed the damage, lacerated mouth, hands and knees, numb teeth, and possible fractured nose. We were very grateful to the young French couple who raced to help us, they then ran and got a bag of ice which was gratefully received. After sitting for about 20 minutes, blood cleaned up, ice applied, we continued to the cafe for breakfast. I had assured Mr Wombat that I was OK to keep going, but as I tried to eat some breakfast whilst applying ice, I could feel delayed shock creeping in. Back to our comfortable accommodation and a day resting. I decided that I didn't need to go to the hospital , but we would keep a close eye on the injuries, therefore Mr Wombat headed out and enjoyed some 'wombat time' on his own and we rescheduled our day out to the village for the next day.

Ban Tawai - Take 2!!!!

The next morning whilst I was bruised and battered, I was also keen to keep to our plans to visit Baan Tawai. After breakfast we headed to the main road at the moat and selected a songthaew that looked nice and new and as safe looking as possible. After negotiating with the driver to drive us there, 3 hours wait time and then back again, we agreed on the price and off we went. Whilst Mr Wombat loved the drive out, I felt the driver drove too fast and I told him this when we arrived. He suggested that on the return journey I should sit in the front with him, sounds good to me!!

We had a wonderful time wandering and browsing and we found the lights we were looking for. After a very long discussion regarding measurements and how many lights to buy, we paid the lady and headed off with our large, carefully wrapped parcel which was to be sent home by sea.

The 3 hours slipped by so quickly and we returned to our driver who was keen to leave. He suggested again that I should ride in the front with him, so Mr Wombat hopped in the back and I enjoy my new found spot in the aircondioned comfort of the cab. We headed back to the Old City, with our observant songthaew driver noticing the package we had mentioned about sending home. He drops us in front of the Post Office, collects his payment and off he goes.

Now, we have sent things home before, however for the uninitiated, a visit to the PO in Thaepae Road is nothing short of bewildering. On entering you are greeted by total chaos, boxes stacked everywhere, piles of stuff plonked on every available surface including the floor. There are rolls and cartons of packing lying opened and absolutely no apparent system. Oh, but there is!!!! From behind the piles of boxes waiting to be despatched emerges a couple of older ladies, they waved us to a couple of plastic stools and continue to have an animated conversation in Thai.

Whilst this is happening, they are sizing up our parcel, out comes a suitable box and they asked where it was going to. Ah, Australia! This seems to set off another discussion in Thai, all the while they are packing our purchases, measuring, repositioning and stuffing bubblewrap around our precious lights. Mr Wombat filled out the necessary paperwork as the taping process began. There was flipping, taping and sticking and hey presto, box is balancing precariously on top of the existing pile. We bid farewell to the post office ladies, silently say a prayer, hoping our beloved lights make it home and head off for dinner. All in all another fun trip to our favourite handicraft village.

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