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We arrived safely at Bearsted, Kent on Monday 14 October. We were going to allow ourselves just under a week before taking the ferry to cross back onto the continent to head down to Portugal for the winter months. We were booked on a ferry on Sunday 20 October.Over our time back in the UK we had had very little time to research our journey south. So we spent the first few days trying to do some research. On the Thursday it was forecast to be a beautiful day so we headed out Scotney Castle and enjoyed a 5 mile walk around the estate and then after lunch explored the house, the old castle and the gardens. A lovely visit.

When we got back to the coach we had noticed there was a couple of pears still on our passenger slide-out cover from the previous campground so Tony went on the roof to knock them off. As he was on the roof he thought he would do a general check and noticed what looked like some small hairline cracks. We contacted a local American motorhome company and they promised the next day to come and do an inspection. Next morning we spent the morning cleaning the roof and discovering further small hairline cracks particular on the edge. Simon from Mercury RV came in the afternoon. His considered opinion was that there were clearly signs of cracks beginning to form at the edges of the fibreglass against the aluminium rails. He felt that none of the cracks were through the fibreglass as a whole but as yet only in the gel coat and therefore no immediate risk of water ingress. He gave some solutions but advised us to contact Tiffin and to regularly check the roof over the next few months. We will be carefully watching and have marked the ends to see if further creep occurs and of course contacted Tiffin once again!

We decided to change our ferry crossing to the Wednesday 23 October as we had again lost time preparing for our journey south. Fortunately we had purchased a Flexi ticket which allowed us to change at no cost.

Our printer/scanner had packed up so on the Saturday we went and bought a new one. Usually printer are set up fairly quickly but Heather spent all afternoon trying to get it set up. Although it would print OK it would not scan to a PDF file and the Printer Assistant desktop shortcut was not working. Heather sent an e-mail to HP and waited for a reply.

On Monday 21 October, Heather woke up not feeling very well and as the morning went on got worst. We tried to get a doctor from the local GP surgery but in the end called an ambulance. We spent the rest of the day at the hospital. They discovered that she had an ear infection which had caused the severe vertigo. She was given antibiotics and tablets to control the dizziness and told to rest for a week. Our ferry crossing was put back again till Monday 28 October.

As the week progressed Heather started to feel better and after some help from HP the printer was working properly at last. However as we watched the weather forecast we were warned of a major storm with expected high winds(80mph predicted)on late Sunday and on Monday morning. We quickly changed our ferry once again to Wednesday 30 October.

The storm proved as fierce as they had forecast. However on Saturday night the pedal cable on our toilet broke. Fortunately we had the spare part but looking at the instructions it was too complicated for us to change ourselves. So on Monday we contacted Mercury RV but both technicians were not there (one was in Wales and the other was on his way back from Portugal). So we then contacted Gold RV in Hampshire and arranged to visit them on Thursday 31 October. Fortunately the Caravan Club campground here in Bearsted has excellent facilities. Once again we changed our ferry date to Monday 4 November. Hopefully we will not have to change it again but who knows!

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