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Back to Spain and Andalucia where the Moors once ruled and bullfights and flamenco are the order of the day. The Alhambra was the highlight of my visit. I had to go there twice because I couldn't get enough.

The Alhambra was built in the mid-14th century by the Moorish Nasrid dynasty that ruled Granada at a time when most of Spain was in Muslim hands. Surprisingly, it is the world's only surviving example of a medieval Arab royal palace. The combination of interior courtyards, gardens, and water fountains utilizing the nature flow from the Sierra Nevadas is a beautiful example of the Arab approach to architecture.

But the sultan's life was not as pleasant as these surroundings suggest. Red Death, as the Moors called a violent end, stalked the Alhambra's halls. Of the first nine Nasrid sultans, one died in an accident, one was deposed, and the other seven were murdered by scheming rivals.

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