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Small baby caribou; this time, directly next to my window of the...

Check out the baby mooses' long legs!

A close up of a "tagged" stone sheep on a narrow &...

Stone sheep alongside the Alcan

IZE=3>IZE=4>August 11th…Monday. More sunshine! We had a 400 mile + day in front of us…through the Rockies. We departed Liard River, BC knowing we had 477 miles to make it to the end of the Alcan in Dawson Creek, BC. YEAH! That was our goal. We traveled from Grayling, and after all these miles, still with a bottle of champagne situated safely in the cupboard of the Alfa. Now, ready to be chilled in the frig in celebration of our round trip on the famous Alcan. If we fell short, well we’d stop in Fort St. John, as we did on our way to Alaska. We seemed to have a sunny day of driving and that was great! We’ve certainly had our share of rainy and windy road conditions so it was pleasant to have the sun and some added warmth for our trek south!

The wildlife was definitely more abundant than on our drive out. A young moose grazing along the narrow stretch of highway near Muncho Lake and Stone Sheep just up a little bit further. In the passenger seat of the Alfa, and as the navigator of this trip, my lap is usually full with the Milepost, Wooddalls Campground Directory, a National Geographic Book on America’s National Parks, a couple recipe books, and often our dog, Kiki. But my camera is not far away.

The terrain began to change after our final descent from the Rockies. There were more driveways off the Alcan, with homes nestled in the trees. There were more people around. There were hayfields with horses, not mountain cliffs with stone sheep. There were no signs with “moose crossings” or orange flags for frost heaves on the road. We were still in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, but reaching farther and farther away from the rugged lands of Alaska. We were coming into familiarity with our new surroundings.

With our 11:30 a.m. start of the day, Dawson Creek and the end of the Alcan was not possible for tonight. Once again, Fort St. John. Once again, the Rotary RV Park at Charlie Lake; 51 miles shy. The additional mileage doesn’t seem like much until you’ve driven over 400 miles in our moving “home away from home“, through the Canadian Rockies. It was 8:00 p.m., hungry for dinner, and to ready relax for yet another days drive. As Bob and I took Kiki for a late nights walk, we noticed something we haven’t seen for a long time…the moon! Only ¾ ‘s full, the moon was never present in Alaska; or at least we never saw it, or it stayed unnoticeable during the long daylight hours. It was nice to see again! Tomorrow would arrive shortly, along with our anticipation of reaching Edmonton, Alberta and beyond! We left the champagne in the frig, we were not off the Alcan yet! Tuesday evening we’d pop that bottle, after settling in for the another night on the road!

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