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Phi Phi - where the film the beach was filmed

Phi Phi

Celebrated Soncran - Thai style new year with water pistols and buckets...

Ambush in waiting - you walk past you get wet!!

Yet another diving adventure with Rosa and Jordi whom we travelled with...

The four of us got on a boat early the next morning for Phi Phi. This was another island hit hard by the tsunami. And you could tell on arrival. The boat didn't even have a proper dock -- we had to climb over 3 other boats to get to the ground. And again, the island was one huge construction site.

Rosa and I left the guys to find a place to stay. Again, there wasn't a lot to choose from as most of the prime spots were flattened by the tsunami. We found something just around the bend which was being completely rebuilt. The man who showed us the rooms showed us where water had reached the top of all of the bungalows and destroyed them all. They didn't waste any time rebuilding but probably also had the money. We heard a lot of the rebuilding has been stopped or put on hold as the government is trying to buy back most of the land to turn it into one huge resort.

We did find a dive company, though, running day trips. So, still having the bug from the Similans we decided to go.

We went to the site of a wrecked cruiseliner. Unfortunately, there was close to no visibility under the water and the currents were really strong, so we couldn't see much -- other than the toilets! Oh well, we'll always have the Similans!

When we got back, we got soaked by water from the locals - water pistols and buckets. No, this doens't happen all the time. It was Songcran, the Thai New Year - the year 2545. And it's tradition to spray people with water and cover them in powder. It was refreshing. But more of a pleasure to see the locals laughing and celebrating, having fun. More than likely looking to a better year to come.

We celebrated New Year as well. The four of us decided to share a bucket of Sam Sung whiskey with Redbull and Coke that night. 5 buckets and many many hours later, the night became very hazy. We barely remember walking home. Made for a horrible hangover the next day as well. But from what I remember, it was a great night!!!

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