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island drive

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island drive

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island drive

island drive

Today we traveled the last few miles of road left unexplored that are accessible on St. John to those with a rental car vehicle. It doesn't take long to drive an island only eleven miles wide. There were some picturesque ocean overlooks, but often there was nowhere to pull off in the car or the view was obscured by lush vegetation. When we stopped to photograph an old boat marooned under a tree, its owner came out of his home and asked us what we were doing there in a friendly way. We found his home at the end of the road a bit isolated, but when he asked us where we were from, he told us not to worry about him visiting us. While it is beautiful here and the beaches are amazing, a week in St. John was long enough for us. There just isn't enough going on for us. But I can see why a local wouldn't enjoy Chicagoland. The cold weather is an obvious factor, but he would find the pace of life and throngs of people oppressive. And he would miss the sound of the waves and a place where everyone knows your name.

When there's nothing else left to do, you can always head for the beach. The water is aquamarine blue, the sand baby powder fine and white, the waves gentle. A perfect way to wile away an afternoon as the temperatures at home plummet.

We will take the ferry back to St. Thomas tomorrow for a bit more activity and things to do in an equally beautiful spot. The last of the wedding party heads home tomorrow and we will be on our own once again.

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