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Yes, we will soon be strapping on the backpacks and heading off on another adventure quite soon.

Can you believe that tjust about twelve months ago kirsty agreed to marry me?

What I find more unbelievable is that the medication is still working!

So we are off to Paris for a few days of well...spoiling ourselves silly.

So thanks again to everyone who came last year and made the day so great.

And we hope that some of the injuries sustained are finally resolved as we are soon heading back and want to see everyone whilst we are there.

We fly out from London to Toronto on the 1st of december, theno ff to Vancouver and Hawaii before landing back in perth on the 21st of December for three weeks.

So, given we will be vagrants, we would love to come and catch up with you all at home for dinner or drinks or even at the pub if you want. We also are quite willing to add bodies to any of your social gatherings.

As long as we see everyone it's all good so drop us a line and let us know your plans.

Hope you are all safe

Mick and Kirsty

So d

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