Rallye Med 2010 travel blog





We set off quite late having aarived very late. The first stop was atan aqueduct built in the first centuries AD. Tunisia is a treasure trove of Roman remains. As we left Robin noticed first that we were riding up and down as if in a boat. To cut a long story short, both of the rear shock absorbers had failed catastrophically! Paul the mechanic was not far behind and he and Robin strapped up the remains so that we could limp in to Kerouan. John and Jan in a splendid red Jaguar very kindly stayed with us. We visited Thuburbo Major, a Roman town for retired soldiers with plentiful baths, temples and houses, but had to miss El Jem which has a magnificent amphitheatre.

Robin took advice from the manufacturer who said that we would be able to continue driving with reduced performance if the shocks failed, so neither we nor Roger in the other Aston brought spares. Luckily the old ones that these replaced very recently were in the garage at home. Even more luckily our neighbour's daughter's boyfriend is between jobs this week and is delighted to be in an aeroplane on his way to Tunis for a few days holiday with very heavy luggage (4th October).

In the evening we tried out the swimming pool and had a good dinner in the hotel with Gerry and Corrie.

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