2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Winnie at 81 Palms Senior RV Resort

New Mexico Route 26

Road was slippery and a delivery truck slid off the road

The road got worse

Pick-up in the ditch

My old Intrpid came back to life

Welcome to Hatch - The Chile "Capitol" of the World

This might be the only way you can cool down these chile...

Sparky's Restaurant

The restaurant's name sake

Uncle Sam holding a green chile

A&W Momma and Poppa burger people

the RV Muffler Man

Ronald McDonald sitting in the snow

Another Papa burger

Fiberglass hot dog pointing the way to Sparky's

I liked this sign on the chile stand

T or C, NM

Statue of Liberty at the Veterans Memorial in T or C

Camino Real monument sculpture near I25 rest stop

I25 got a little snow covered from blowing snow

The good news was there wasn't any more snow overnight. The bad news was the temperature was 6 at 0700 and I10 and I25 were closed. I thought we were going to have to stay in Deming for another day, but the roads were opened up about 1100. Since we were a couple of hours behind I decided to take a shortcut between I10 and I25. New Mexico Route 26 cuts off about 65 miles and an hour or so of travel time. It joins up with I25 at Hatch, NM, a town I wanted to stop in to get a green chile hamburger. The road was pretty good for about the first 30 miles. After that it became mostly snow covered. We had to slow down to 20 or 25MPH for the final 10 miles to Hatch. Winnie did pretty well on the slick roads, much better than other vehicles as you can see in the pictures.

My plan for a green chile hamburger in Hatch fell through because the restaurant, Sparky's, is closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The silver lining was the number of "muffler men" and other fiberglass statues at the restaurant and along the streets in Hatch. Sparky's is owned by Teako Nunn who also owns the RV dealership where a lot of the statues were located. The restaurant is named after a robot that his wife made out of old tractor parts and it sits out front of the restaurant. Hatch is the self-proclaimed chile capital of the world and there dried chile bundles and wreaths hangin all over the place in stores, restaurants, stands, and tents set up along the streets. Since Sparky's wasn't open, I decided to continue on and not waste any more time.

I 25 was in pretty godd shape most of the way, but there were still stretches with packed snow on it that we had to slow down for. I pulled off for gas in Truth or Consequences. The town was actually named after the the 1950's radio show. I tried to stop at a veterans memorial park that features a mini-Vietnam Wall and a small museum, but I couldn't find a parking place for Winnie so we moved on.

We stopped for the night at Isleta Lake & RV Park south of Albuquerque. It's run by the local Indian tribe and is across the street from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. They offer shuttle service between the campground and the casino if you want to gamble or get something to eat in one of the restaurants. I was too tired and decided to stay home.

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