London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Uighar man in Kuqa

We did not rush to Korla since our guide book said that it was a dump with unfriendly people. Therefore we stopped at Kuqa (pronounced koocha) at midday and wandered around the old Uighur (moslem) quarter before parking up by a heap of melons on the road and having tea and dumplings in a restaurant - lamb and mint, rather good. It is safe to leave the car in these towns. After the initial interest and stream of sticky fingerprints on everything, we are then left alone and it seems perfectly normal to have an Aston Martin parked in your street!

When we got to Korla, we had a wander around the modern town and found it to be a very pleasant experience. Everyone was friendly and the town smart and clean. Rough guide is clearly out of date.

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