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Tramping! With Rod & Michaela

Botanical Gardens, Christchurch

Time for Tea Dear?

Well, what can you say Chaps? We're getting some funny looks here

I thought so apt for a man of my calibre as well

Our 1st Tramp together, just look at the view

Lake Tekapo, just beautiful scenery

After a rather long flight(14 1/2 hours non stop) and a quick connection in Sydney The Upshalls had arrived in New Zealand.

We were met by first, a missing bag which we were told would arrive the following day, which was a good start and even better was, that it was my bag, so no clean clothes after a long flight, well you can imagine my reaction at the baggage counter, "Heh but have a washbag for you troubles", super!

Anyway we were fortunate enough to have Rod and Michaela to meet us from the airport and put us up or put up with us, depending on who you are, for the first few days in NZ. Very kind of them and having been there first overseas visitors I think they were pleased to see us as well.

We had planned to arrive on the weekend so we could spend some time getting to know the country with the guys, which was fab and we went off to the countryside around Christchurch exploring oh and managed to fit in a few beers every now and again.

It was time for us to fly the nest and get on our way out of Christchurch and into the blue yonder as it were, so armed with our campervan The Playboy Bus(check out the pictures)we set off heading south with some recommendations from Rod & Mich.

Some things I have yet to get my head around are

1. Tramping - No it's not hunt out the tramps around NZ and give them some grief, its just walking.

2. Sheep - Did you know there are 10 sheep to every 1 New Zealander, so there are a few spare for the tourists to play with as well.

3. Fish & Chips - "Would you like chicken Seasoning on your Cod?" I mean come on, if I wanted Chicken seasoning I would've gone to KFC!

4. Pints - When is a pint not a pint? When you're in NZ its 12oz's oh unless you drink Lager then it's a pint. Hmm..

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