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Magen's Bay

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Magen's Bay


World Famous Mountaintop view



On the cruise home from Southampton, Ken came down with a coughing, sneezing thing that got so bad he even agreed to see a doctor when we got home, a rare event indeed. Diagnosis: bronchitis. Relief provided by antibiotics and prednisone. As we lived together in that tiny cabin, I waited for his disease to attack me. It never really did although I felt on the verge every so often since then. After we arrived in St. Thomas my immune system finally gave up the good fight and I ended up with my own coughing, sneezing thing and 101º fever. Thanks so my doctor, also an avid traveler, I never leave home without antibiotics and those took care of the fever with 24 hours. But my nose is still running and my throat is still coughing.

Usually when I am sick I want to be at home in my own bed with my mom serving me chicken soup. But as I lay under a palm tree on the beach, I thought about the 10º temperatures we are about to return home to and I thought to myself, there's no more healing place to be.

In between coughing and sneezing we have been making a scientific study to all the beaches, trying to pick the best one. No mean feat; they are all amazing. And when the road heads up a mountainside, there's sure to be an amazing view. On one overlook we peered down at the St. Thomas International Airport. A majority of the runway is on reclaimed land hanging out into the ocean. When we first came here in the 70's, flying in was truly treacherous, since there is a mountain on the far side of the airport. We saw a small plane come in, much like the plane we took here and it was so small it used less than a third of the runway. The place which calls itself The World Famous Mountain Top, is probably not known world wide, but the views from there were worth bragging about. We look down on Magen's Bay, often on official top ten beach lists and could see the British Virgin Islands in the distance. What a beautiful place!

At thirteen miles St. Thomas is only two miles bigger than St. John, but since it is not a national park, there are more roads to drive. And because it is not a national park, we see many more franchises. A line of cars wound around McDonald's just like it does at home. I've read that Mickey D's numbers are down, but they've still got somebody's number. Pueblo is the major grocery store chain and we stopped at a good sized one today and wandered around trying to find the bananas. It finally dawned on us that this was a grocery store that sold nothing fresh - no milk, eggs, cheese, meat, produce. What kind of grocery store is that?

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