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Whew! Completely decompressed and chilling out in Gili Trawangan. It was a marathon 40 plus hours of travelling which took me from San Diego to LAX to Tokyo to Singapore to Jakarta to Mataram on Lombok where I took a taxi and then a boat to eventually make it back to Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. It was nice to arrive to some familiar faces and the people of the island who are extremely welcoming and warm and friendly. It was quite the journey but well worth it.

A quick observation I would like to share - I do have to say that after all the places I have been in the last year or so LAX (Los Angeles) is by far the strangest, weirdest place so far. Talk about strange freaky people - they're everywhere in LAX! What a trip!

So, I'm back staying at Blue Marlin and hanging out waiting to go on a week long Live Aboard Scuba Dive Trip to Komodo. I was originally scheduled to go on the boat the 13th of July but juggled a few things around and now the trip I am going on leaves the 23rd of July and will return to Gili on the 30th of July. This left me with some time to kill.

Problems of abundance.

It didn't take long to fall into the rhythm of the island and to find myself peacefully passing the days away. My schedule (I hesitate to even call it a schedule) has been to wake shortly after the sunrise and wander down for a nice leisurely breakfast, followed by a morning dive, after a fresh shower and a little dive talk it is off to a incredibly delicious local lunch, the afternoons have been filled with a 2 hour massage and then a well deserved nap. I rise early evening to meet up with some new friends and relax over a great dinner of fresh fish, Mexican, Indian, Indonesian????

The scuba diving has been really great. Each day I have been going deep, depending on the dive site between 30 and 45 meters. I've been trying to alternate between decompression dives to the Japanese Wreck and also enjoying the marine life - sharks, turtles, jack fish, pygmy sea horse's - which dwell out at Shark Point, Sunset, Bounty and Simon's Reef. What a great underwater adventure.

My health has improved significantly with the aid of a Parasite Detox Program I purchased and brought with me from Whole Foods and the incredible healing hands of the "Massage Guy". These are not relaxing massages I am getting every day but they are magical. This local dude is like the "Back Whisperer"! Absolutely marvelous. My back hasn't felt this good since I was 18! A 2 hour massage costs around $10/US - I'm wondering how much it will cost to have him travel with me?

I have the rest of the week to hang and then it is off to Komodo! So, from half way around the world .... stay tuned.

Peace and love to all,


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