McLeod Family Trip 2010 travel blog

Sunday 30 May

Naturally a sleep in after a late late night. Poor Hugo left at 8am for his rugby tournament. A nice picnic in the sun outside . Pascal and the boys went in to his local café for a coffee. The boss shouted us which was nice. All very welcoming. Pascal of course knows everyone…..lots of Bonjours!! Have a quick swim and then make our way over the ranges to ………and find the tournament. We all enjoyed watching Hugo play for Privas. Some of the other boys we had met were playing too.

After the tournament we ventured off to find Les Grottes ( Caves). These caves were lived in medieval times. Still in a condition you could see clearly what the room was used for. Windows, stairs doors..quite incredible. They also had gardens fruit tress. I wouldn’t want the job of getting the water each day!

Pascals brother Phillip and Suzie and daughter came over for dinner. Phillip is coach of France B and is leaving this week for Denver. Naturally talked rugby and he is very keen to come to NZ for the World Cup. It was a nice evening. These French never seem to need any sleep. The boys are having a lot of fun with Hugo.

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