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The highest peak in New Zealand, Mount Cook

Wicked Mate!

Just looking thanks.

Overlooking Lake Wakitipu, Queenstown

Top of Queenstown Hill overlooking the lake

Modeling for a Catalogue shoot, ha ha!

Back a bit...

Shotover Jet, Queenstown

Milford Sound

Milford Sound the other way round

Thanks to Royal Caribbean for the hat, even wore it on a...

The drive up to Milford

Kea - The only Alpine Parrot in the world, well species anyway,...

The lovely Tracey

Coming away from Milford Sound

Once we had made our way from Christchurch, the scenery was awesome(Kiwi Language). Every corner we took, every which way we looked, there was something different to take your breath away, Lakes, Mountains and just plain old flat land in the middle, just amazing and the best thing with it you just don't seem to get bored of looking at it.

We made our way through Lake Tekapo for a night and then headed south to Queenstown which is the Adrenalin capital of the world, with bungy jumping, skydiving, jetboating & many more things to do.

Now if it wasn't for my delicate back, of course I would be jumping off 140m bridges tied to elastic bands and jumping out of airplanes at 12000 feet, but alas I must continue to strengthen my back(yeah right).

However we did manage to get on the 'Shotover Jet', which basically jets through river canyons at silly speeds, just missing the rocks and then doing 360degree turns in the middle of the river, it was brilliant!

We managed a couple of uphill tramps in Queenstown and once again were rewarded with spectacular views over the town and Lake Wakitipu and the Remarkables Mountain Range as well as other mountains all around.

After Queenstown we headed to Milford Sound & Te Anu which is the main town before the Sound. Very nice setting, again on a Lake, which seems to be a common place to have a town in NZ, which is lovely especially with the mountains acting as a backdrop.

Managed to drag our lazy arses out of bed early one morning(0800) to get down to the Sound before the masses of tour buses that are out on the road. We were lucky enough to catch a 1030 cruise with only 19 people onboard, so pretty much had the run of the boat.

The sound is a remarkable place, very peaceful, with cliffs just dropping away into the water and waterfalls trickling down them, it was sunny when we were there, so not as dramatic as when it rains, apparently.

With these cruises you are lucky if you see dolphins or seals, fortunately we were greeted by a whole pod of bottlenose dolphins wanting to play with the boat. They just cruised along the bow while we cruised out to sea, it was an amazing sight seeing them playing so close to us about 10-12 in total we reckon and then we were treated to some seals sunbathing on the rocks.

Again the drive to Milford Sound is just amazing some very steep and winding roads and some great places to stop off and take it all in.

Next off up north a little further to the Glaciers and meet up with Rod & Michaela

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