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August 16 – 17

It was interesting to look at the landscape as we drove from Capitol Reef to Canyonlands. This area was where outlaws like Butch Cassidy hung out hiding from the law and it was easy to see how they did it. The high cliffs were certainly imposing and I wondered how Butch & friends even managed to find their way into them. Must watch the movie again and see how Paul Newman and Robert Redford did it…

Canyonlands is another great park in Utah with wide open expanses and gorges cut by the Green and Colorado rivers. We spent the evening there watching sunset on a cliff top seeing the last light of the day hit the red rocks. Sunrise was brilliant to see as the 1st rays hit the Mesa Arch and watch as the underside of the arch glow a golden orange. Brilliant…

We also hiked to an area called Upheaval Dome which is the subject to much conjecture about its origin. One theory is that it is salt deposits from a long ago underground sea that were pushed to the surface when the mountains were pushed up. The other theory is that it is the result of a meteor strike that pushed up the salt when the crater filled. Either way it is an impressive area.

The other interesting feature about Canyonlands is that is the setting for some recent movies, 127 Hours and Thelma & Louise being 2 notable features set in this park. We resisted the urge to take the RV over the rim and have our arms stuck by a rock in an isolated canyon.

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