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Just after getting on the road, we spotted this big guy.

Another clear view of Denali. Shortly after, it was in the clouds...

Pictures can't bring the real beauty of this place.

The one road in/out of Talkeetna

The main general store in Talkeetna

Day 40, Sunday, June 03, 2012

Wow. Forty days on the road already. The only thing I really miss about my house is my bathroom with room to move and a shower I can spend more than 3 minutes in. Oh well.

Last time we were in Denali with the kids, we stayed at the Riverside RV Park but this time we couldn’t find it. We finally pinned down the location by the mile marker. We couldn’t find it because it’s gone. Literally. Apparently the state did not renew their lease so the owners tore it down, buildings and all. Surprised us because all the other places that have closed down just sit there vacant for time eternal.

We had only gone a few miles this morning when we saw a really big bull moose with some nice velvet antlers near the road. A few more miles and we saw a mommy moose with twins. Then another set of mom and twins. Altogether, we saw nine moose and a porcupine. The moms run off in a hurry, it’s hard to get photos of those babies.

Talkeetna is about 98 miles north of Anchorage on a spur road and not along the highway. It still gets a lot of tour buses from the cruise lines. Three rivers converge here, the Talkeetna, Susitna, and Chulitna. It has great views of Denali when the weather is clear and it is the jumping off point for most of the climbing expeditions. It apparently takes 18 to 20 days to climb this thing. They do a lot of flightseeing and glacier landings from here too. We are staying at the Camper Park which is small and cramped again. (I really liked our last place.) Rob says the guy who runs the place (and his wife) both went to NAU the same time I did. I’ll have to go chat with him tomorrow. We drove “downtown” and walked around checking out the shops and ate some ice cream. There’s no cable TV here and Rob still can’t get the satellite dish to work. We’ve carried that stupid dish for 3,000 miles for nothing. Our bikes too for that matter. 

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