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A fountain in Harrisburg. Water is still running in there!

the local creek starting to freeze

our water faucet ..frozen

view from our Marina RV Park site

Goodness, have we had a weather adventure!! (Just like all of the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest) The lowest Temp we expreienced in Harrisburg was 8 degrees, although some of the wind chill stuff may have been colder. Judie took pictures of some of the ice around us (just as much as she could stand to be outside). Needless to mention, but, I will, the water lines in the trailer all froze and we had no water for the last 24 hours. Thank goodness for bottled water (coffee) and the cafe down the road.

Chey's program was enjoyed by all (except, she told me she wasn't enjoying it) The school has a great music teacher and they were very impressive. The kinder's songs were so cute. We did notice that there were no religious songs that recognized the 'reason for the season'. That's a sad statement for our society.

We left the RV park Wednesday morning and took the trailer to Camping World to replace the converter, thaw the pipes, and see if we had damage from the frozen pipes. The technicians are getting expert at thawing pipes. They crank the heat up to 70 degrees in the entire bay and ran the trailer furnace at 70 degrees also. We got the call about 2:30 pm that it was thawed and there had been no damage. They told us about 'heating pads' that attach to the tanks and pipes, these pads may be in our future to prevent the freezing syndrome. We appreciated the good news and left the Williamette Valley for the coast.

Arrived in Newport Marina RV park about 5 pm and saw boats lit up for the season!! How exciting to be here!! Also, the weather is much warmer, just barely freezing instead of 8-10 degrees at night. Great day! We take our Photography class on Saturday, but, free time until then. Denise isn't driving up for the class, just too risky driving over the Sis-Q's, but son Ed is planning to drive over to join us. So, the class still has three excited students.

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