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Yak on the Road


The Road to Kashgar

Welcome stretch of Tarmac

There was frost on the car in the morning. Our guide had all our Chinese driving licenses, car documents and number plates ready for us - great.

Perhaps the best scenery yet! We started with mountains and pastoral scenes and then went through mountains of different colours, pink, black, red and grey and stripes of the above. There were, of course, snow clad peaks behind. We saw lakes and marshes and then a 70 kilometre gorge followed by a plain into Kashgar. We saw camels, cows, horses, donkeys and yaks as well as mud houses, stone houses, tombs and round tents. we have taken a few photographs.

Unfortunately the first 130km were all road works. After that it was mostly tarmac. We have learnt a few new uses for stones:

1 Warning triangle - one large stone in the road

2 Traffic cones - a line of them around roadworks

3 Road closed - a line across the road

4 Diversion - as above.

We had a cup of tea and a Chinese pasty by the side of the road with a couple who enjoyed using the camera. It was great that people were interested without being overpowering.

We have arrived in Kashgar early in the evening. It is 35C again - we have finished our brief respite from the heat.

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