Steve's 12 month IA to Iraq travel blog

Up in Diyala ... was starting to get cold!

Had a chance to throw some smoke grenades (and then they made...

HMMVEE maintenance ... better than cinder blocks in the front yard!!

THEN it started ... SNOWING ... !!! Supposedly it had not snowed...

So we made the best of it by making snowmen ... or...

Then AFTER the wonderful snow ... the not so wonderful MUD!

Because of the snow and other bad weather ... we ended staying...

The Diyala Site Visit Team ... 3 Army, 3 Iraqi, 2 Navy,...

One of the exciting (!) points about working with the ISOF, is that their bases are being constructed at all the 'hot' spots around the country. Although this will be good once the bases are finished to have areas being closely monitored by the Spec Op bubbas, GETTING those bases built has it's own set of challenges.


The site we are getting ready to build in Diyala is fairly close to Ba'quba. This is the "Fallujah of the East" when it comes to insurgents and rebel militias, although out west it has certainly calmed down considerably! There are only a few really bad spots left in Iraq for insurgent strong-holds ... it just so happens those areas are where I still have to travel (grin!) ... Mosul and Diyala provinces.


The really amazing experience that happened while I was out there was that it SNOWED! Could not believe it. It snowed just enough that we were able to scrape some bits of snow together to make some little snow … um … kids.


Although we did get stuck there a couple extra days because of bad weather, as always it was amazing to see the quality of the guys putting their lives on the line every day to help get this country back on it’s feet and moving in the right direction.


Hope everyone is doing well. Please know I am thinking of you all! Coming up on my 4th month … a THIRD of the way done!!


God bless,


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