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A lovely church in Manaus just outside the port

Our restaurant in Careiro

This is how they transport cows on the Amazon




The encontro das aguas (Rio Negro and Rio Solomoes)

Getting off the boat from Careiro! State of the art technology

On our way to Santa Elena - this was the best picture...

We got to Manaus very late on the boat and made our way to a Hostel with a South African couple. Manaus is very big and we had no desire to stay in the city (even though everything that built the city sailed up the Amazon on slowboat), so we made our way to the bus station to book a bus to Santa Elena in Venezuela. We wanted to see the meeting of the rivers after seeing the one in Santarém so we went by bus to a little port about 10km away, jumped on a speed boat and made our way to Careiro. The speed boat cruised over the black coloured Rio Negro and soon crossed the Rio Solimoes (café au lait coloured). The rivers run side by side for kilometres not mixing due to differences in temperature and speed. In Careiro, we stopped at a nice restaurant with a lovely man who was a sailor and got to bow for the Queen - he was very proud of this. We did not explore much because we had our bus to catch so we made our way back and caught the bus just in time! The next day we arrived in Santa Elena with four other tourists after changing buses . When we arrived we realised very quickly that there is a black market money exchange in Santa Elena for Brazilian Reais or US dollars - they change money next to the military soldiers!! Unfortunately for us we didn't have any reais so couldn't get the fabulous rates. We spent the evening looking for horseriding, tours of the Gran Sabana (because its impossible to do it by yourself) and having dinner with Elliot, Dom, Hila and Ben. That night, there was a man we saw on a bus going to Tafi del Valle in Argentina singing with his guitar in the Backpackers restaurant! He has been travelling around South America by busking! We danced to his lovely music and had an early night. The next morning having breakfast we suddenly found ourselves booked on a Roraima trek (leaving in two hours!!) for six days - we rushed to get hiking shoes for Tara and pack; we had no idea what to take!

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