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Day 44 Monday 26th May, Memorial Day long weekend (ANZAC type day)

Lou’s birthday, happy birthday dear friend for the 14th May, hope you had special celebrations with family in Holland, our thoughts were with you.

Being back in Napa is just wonderful, especially with all the family together. Sadly the time with Simone and Dave went so fast before they had to leave to fly to Hawaii on Sunday 18th May, arriving back in Melbourne Friday 23rd ready to face the new challenge of work.

Micah and Angela have installed an above ground swimming pool, only the day before we arrived, Dave helped with the final installation. This worked a treat for the first week to 10 days being back here, as we were experiencing rather warm temperatures – we had several days of 105F and then a week or so of high 90-100F, we all made good use of the pool. I can see them having lots of fun in it during the warmer summer months.

One of the exciting outings we had together was, to head to Sears (like Myer’s) at Fairfield (about 20mins away) and have some family portraits done with the newest member of the family. Isabelle is now just over 10 weeks old, but was 8 weeks at the time of the photo shoot. There were some lovely shots of Iz, but not as good on the family shots, but we’ll put some on for you to see.

These next two weeks we’ll summarise together. It was a busy time, shopping, playing with Isabelle (that’s me done for the day). Micah’s work has picked up lately, which is great so Steve has been “on the tools” and helping him out. He’s the CEO of “go’fering” for Valley Electric and loves it!!!! Speaking of which, we were going to leave today, Tuesday 27th, but it’s a heavy day on the go’fering CEO today, so our departure has been postponed until tomorrow.

Steve has fixed the hydraulic system on the slide out and its working perfectly once again. We have also applied for an extension to our visit here, Steve went on-line to complete this process, and it’s out of our hands now, so is the $300 they asked for the privilege of applying, crazy, it’s a great revenue raiser!!. When we first arrived back in February at SFO, immigration would only stamp our passports for the maximum stay of 6 months, but advised us to apply for a further 6mths at a later date.

It will be very sad to once again say good bye, especially sad to not observe first-hand the growing stages of Iz, hopefully we’ll be back in November for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

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