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We had a quiet day planned today. We had one final temple we wanted to visit near our hostel so we went and did that first thing. This was another temple on the World Heritage site list but it was one which was difficult to see why.

After finding the site easily enough and getting our little pamphlet about the site, we headed for the main halls and entered, taking our shoes off on the way. We walked around this hall and the one next to it and whilst they were intricately decorated, they were nowhere near as grand as anything we’d seen previously. We had expected a garden here, too, but on walking around for a while we were unable to find anything here that was remotely green! We decided just to head back to the hostel and get our other chores done for the day. There was nothing here which was provocative in any way and deserved any further of our time.

Back at the hostel, I got some laundry done (3 loads!) and Elizabeth sorted some stuff out on her iPod, bored with the music she had and now able to play around with it as I’d downloaded iTunes onto my laptop. I managed to finish the book I was reading, too. It was a really good read and very thought-provoking given that we would be in Hiroshima in a few days time.

For lunch, we just grabbed some food from the hostel bar but in the evening, we decided to get out and get some fresh air. We had seen a restaurant on Ponto-cho previously which had steak on the menu at a reasonable price. This sounded good to both of us so we jumped on the metro. After finding the restaurant, having previously entered the wrong door, we sat down and were the only people eating there. We had noticed how dead the metro seemed and it was only 8pm or so. Unlike Tokyo, and even Osaka, Kyoto seemed to close down pretty early. Most of the shops at the station closed at 8 or 8.30!

We weren’t put-off by the lack of people eating here, which is usually a bad sign, and we both ordered the steak which came in a soy and garlic sauce. The steak, traditional Japanese, was so succulent and tender and the sauce was lovely. It was just a shame there was not more of it. I kept hoping Elizabeth would be full up so I could finish hers but she ate the lot!

We headed to the shop after dinner for something for dessert. Like previously, I felt guilty about doing this having had such a great meal and then ruining it with biscuits from 7-11! Back at the hostel, we had a glass of plum wine before retreating to the room and eating our snacks before hitting the sack. We had an early-ish start tomorrow going to Himeji – we only had one night there as one of two brief stops on the way to Hiroshima so we wanted to get there in plenty of time to see the large castle.

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