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We did it!


Wow..amazing..incredible..just absolutely incredibly fantastically wonderful experience.

Phew.. well that's about as many descriptives as I can fit in one sentence to describe our expereince when we went SKYDIVING in Taupo.

The day went something like this..

Got up and had breakfast, after which we decided to have a walk into town, which was about 30 minutes away. The sun was shining about 22 degrees and life is good.

Nothing much to do today, thought we would go and do some email and I(Craig) got a haircut on the way down, had a chat with the hairdresser as you do:

Hair "Going anywhere nice on holiday"

C "Yeah I'm already here!"

Hair "Cool, what are you going to do in Taupo? How about rafting or Kyaking?"

C "Hmm sounds good, might look into that"

Hair "Or you could try Skydiving! Have you done it before?"

C "No, but would really like to try it"

Hair "Here's a brochure, but go and talk to the Information centre, as there are loads of deals at the moment"

C "OK thanks.."

So there you have it, the start of something that day.

We went off to do some internet and right in front of the sets were all these websites advertising SKYDIVE Lake Taupo blah blah.. so I had a look on a couple of the websites and I must say I was getting drawn in more and more.

Well at this stage I hadn't even broached the subject with Tracey, so we had a cup of tea afterwards and talked about it a little and surprisingly or not Tracey was quite upbeat about it.

After tea off we trotted to the information centre to get some more information.

Now I think this is fate, but there was a guy walking around with a skydive t-shirt on, so bold as brass I asked him if he'd been skydiving and for me that was it.

To talk to someone real, i.e. not someone trying to sell it to you, was the clincher and he was so animated and excited I just knew we had to do it.

After a brief chat we spoke to the girl at the counter who had also been a few times and Tracey asked a few questions, you know, "Is it safe?, Scary, How does it feel?"

Anyway the crux of it was that she phoned a couple of places to check availability and then we also realised that there were weight limits, due to speed and safety reasons, so we would need to go up to the centres at the airport and check it out in person(for those of you in any doubt, the weight concern was for me not Tracey).

Right let's go I said to T, so off we went quick march back to the campsite and into the Passion Wagon to Taupo airport.

An hour later we were standing at reception in one of the skydive centres talking to one of the guys, who in fairness said it was touch and go as to whether any of the instructors were able to take me.

So after half an hour of waiting and watching promo DVD's unfortunately one of the instructors relished freefalling at 150mph and was eager to take me, now it was just a matter of formalities, fill in forms choose the accompanying music for your DVD. Now here's the funny bit.

C "OK let's do it, when can we go?"

Instructor "About half and hour!"

C "Cool. Tracey we're going in about half an hour!"

T "What! But...I I thought we were going tomorrow, not sure about it...blah blah.."

As usual we didn't give T time to think just get geared up and think about it on the 15 minute plane ride up 15000 feet.

We were talked into the highest jump as they said the rush and freefall was much better and longer and you'll enjoy it so much more.

Well it was like going off to war I think. We were all geared up the plane was ready and off we popped into the back, no seats just on the floor, facing backwards. There were a few nervous laughs and smiles, but other than that silence dawned upon us both(a rareity for Tracey).

Now Tracey who doesn't like heights or flying, was remarkably calmn all things considered, about an hour ago we were just thinking about it, now we're actually doing it.

So the altometer ticked up 3000ft then suddenly it was 14000ft and time to get ready. There were a couple of single jumpers in the plane with us, who went first. As soon as the door opened they just waved and said Good Luck and disappeared from view.

Now it was our turn,(Getting sweaty palms just writing this).

Instructors just said "Right remember to keep your legs tucked up and arch like a banana, OK? Let's Go"

That was it sat with legs dangling and then was literally shoved can only imagine the expletives coming from our mouths, well that's when you could breathe anyway.

Freefalling from 15000feet at between 130 - 150 MPH depending on size, only took 60 seconds, then the shute opened around 5000ft and away we went, floating back down to earth literally.

If you're interested in anymore than that you just have to watch the DVD's. Words just can't describe the feeling you have jumping and freefalling and the permanent smile etched on our faces, unfortunately the pictures just don't do it justice.

We are thoroughly proud of each other for this achievement and would DEFINATELY do it again and recommend to anybody.


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