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Post Skydiving.. a well deserved drinky

Huka Falls, Taupo

Pools at Wai O Tapu

Amazing colours

Looks like someone dropped a tin of paint in

Views from the camper

Top of Mount Manganui

Cathedral Cove, beautiful spot...

Another arty shot at Cathedral Cove

Digging holes at hot water beach

Well on the final leg of our New Zealand trip we headed up further north from Wellington and to be honest it took a while before we found anywhere that remotely competed with the South Island in general and that was Taupo.

You would have seen some piccies from Taupo in freefall mode, as this is where we did our skydive.

But it was equally as beautiful and picturesque from the ground also. We managed to take in an hour long trek to the Huka Falls, which were not at all what we were expecting, the verocity of the water was incredible and the sheer power that it has just reminds you of how mother nature works.

The photos I think look fab and show the foaming torrent of water powering it's way through the rocks.

After spending a few days in Taupo on the recovery from the skydive, we headed on towards Rotorua and stopped off at a place called Wai O Tapu, which is the best place to experience the volcanic pools and the smell of sulphur, which is lovely...not!

A great place to come and get an overall picture of the area and was nicely laid out on a very hot and steamy day, well worth a visit for us.

Then it was off up North via Rotorua to the Bay of Islands..

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